Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tips for Christmas Tree Hunting

The holidays are upon us, and your trip to Glass Family Farm to find that perfect tree will be a memory you and your family will cherish for seasons to come. Make your newest holiday tradition a merry and bright experience by following these tips and tricks:

  • Dress Warmly
It is colder than you think here on the farm, so please dress appropriately: warm coats, hats, gloves, and sturdy boots are highly recommended, especially for children. Please note there is always a  possibility of mud, sap, stickers, etc., so please wear clothes and shoes that can hold up to a little dirt. 

  • Leave Pets at Home
We understand that your furry companions are just as much family as their human counterparts, but for their safety, we ask that you please leave pets at home when visiting the Farm. Our Sheep Dogs are here to protect our livestock and do not understand that other pets are not their enemies; for your pets' safety and our peace of mind, please leave your dogs at home. 

  • Be Prepared to Have Fun!
Christmas Tree hunting here on the Farm is an unforgettable adventure you and your family will want to repeat year after year. We do our best to take the stress out of your experience; bring nothing but your willingness to have fun, because we've got the rest covered! 

We regret to say that netting is not available this year, but provided for your convenience are saws and sleds to cut and carry your chosen tree back to your car, and we will happily help you secure it to your vehicle with sturdy rope! And if you are not comfortable cutting down your own tree, we will be happy to cut it down for you! 

We look forward to seeing you again this year, and whether it is your first visit or your fifth, we say, Welcome and Happy Hunting!


We welcome you back to the farm this holiday season with a variety of Christmas trees to suit your needs. 

U-Cut or We-cut, all trees are $40.00 tax included!

Choose from:

White Pine
Scotch Pine
Cannan Fir
Norway Spruce

Sales start November 25! See you soon!

Our Farm Market is open! 
Please visit us for fresh offerings like:

Brown Eggs
Maple Syrup
Raw Local Honey
Amish Pickles
Winter Squash
Jams and Jellies
...and more!